Meet Your Neighbors with Nextdoor


Have a hard time meeting your neighbors? Want to find out what is happening in your neighborhood?

Check out and find out who lives around you and what is happening in your neighborhood.

In Edgewater, 117 residents have joined this private network to share what is going on in their neighborhood and pass valuable information to their neighbors.

Since the Edgewater neighborhood launched on Nextdoor, residents have been using it to ask advice on contractors, report lost animals and even the Edgewater Police Department is spreading important safety messages.

Nextdoor is a safe and secure network for those who are residents so someone can’t just jump into a neighborhood network. To receive a profile on Nextdoor, a resident must verify their address.

According to Nextdoor, the ways to verify your address are the following:

  • With a phone call to your landline – Free and instant
  • With your credit or debit card – Free and instant
  • With a postcard sent to the address you registered with — Free but takes a few days

Register for Nextdoor here.

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