I Wish This Was…


The City of Edgewater currently owns this building at the corner of Chase and 25th. It began as the First Christian Church years ago and has had a number of different uses since then. It is one of our history buildings in Edgewater yet sits unused and empty.

Let us know what you think it should be below in the comments.

I wish this was…

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  1. A place for all of the people moving in (who much higher earners than those talked about in the demographics) to share skills (web development, writing code, financial planning) to those who might be interested in learning these skills. I’d like to be involved even though we bought a more affordable home in O’Kane park, down the road. On a non-altruistic note, a bakery or a childcare facility would be a welcome addition.

  2. It would be great to use it as a place for those with marketable skills can meet and “skillshare” with others. It doesn’t have to be a two way street either. Someone who wants to learn how to build a website can meet with someone who has this skill, but doesn’t necessarily have to swap a skill with someone else. There are plenty of high earners moving into Edgewater and other professionals. Trust me, I should know as I ended up buying a more affordable home in O’Kane after being priced out of Edgewater. That or a bakery. This part of town lacks a good bakery.

  3. To play off of Valerie’s idea, I think that space would make a great co-working space for many of Edgewater’s professionals who work from home or remotely. Sharing skills would be one of the many benefits of having a co-working space in Edgewater, along with great networking opportunities. The space could provide individuals, or small company’s with a few employees with permanent office space, or floating desks available for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Co-working spaces are very successful downtown and throughout Denver, and think bringing such a space to the Edgewater area would promote community and small business.

  4. One screen movie theater with bar and food. Sometimes live music on the stage.

  5. Community theatre/music like swallow hill. Music would be welcome! Shared workspace like Shift workspace would also be great and agree with others about it also supporting community business. Possibly a tutoring spot for kids as well?

  6. I would enjoy seeing the building and maybe it can be all these things! I have lived here 26 years and I love the community energy percolating here!

  7. One of the reasons the general public cannot view the interior of this building is the dangerous structual condition of the building itself. It has not been renovated because the cost of repairs is unpractical. What to do? I have no clue.

  8. Jefferson County Library .Edgewater branch, with a museum, displays , study area for school age children as well as adults .

  9. I agree with Debbi and Shannon. Music venue/theatre sounds great to me! Anybody been to McMenamin’s in Oregon? The Bend location is a near-Utopia, with little bars at every turn, patios for hanging out, a theater, a hotel….


    Not saying this location can be all those things, but with a brewery starting up a couple blocks away, a theater would be a great addition to the main street. Alternatively I would suggest a local grocery store……our pitiful little farmers market (though I love it) just isn’t cutting the mustard.

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