Jeffco School Board Meeting Recap – December 12


Thursday, December 12 the Jefferson County School Board held their regularly scheduled meeting at a new location, Lakewood High School. In an effort to connect with more community members, the new school board will be rotating their meetings between different Jeffco schools.

Throughout the night there were multiple issues with microphones and Cindy Stevenson’s wireless microphone wasn’t cooperating. The Board Room at the district offices are wired and designed for meetings like this while the  schools need to adapt to the sound needs of the board meetings. It will be interesting to see what the increased costs will be as the board meetings rotate through the district.

Numerous teachers from Jefferson High School and Lumberg Elementary were in attendance and spoke up in regards to what is happening in our Edgewater schools. They even brought small Saint signs to raise when issues about Edgewater schools were discussed during the public comment section of the meeting.

Public Comment Highlights

  • Parents spoke out against the Innovative Professional Development (iPD) grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation while teachers spoke in favor of them. More information on the IPD Grant here.
  • Numerous parents and even Coach Reid Kahl’s wife spoke in favor of the Wheat Ridge HS football coach and in their minds, his unfair reassignment to Jefferson High School. More on this story here.
  • Jefferson High School Social Studies teacher and Jefferson graduate, Rhiannon Wenning, spoke about the renewed efforts for student success and rigor at Jefferson.


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