Farewell to Edgewater Coffee

From Edgewater Collective:

At the beginning of January we jumped in to help keep the Edgewater Coffee Company space open in the mornings and continue to serve coffee. Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed connecting with community members but have realized that the effort to keep it open takes time away from launching our core programs.

So we have decided to stop serving coffee in the Edgewater Coffee Company space. It was a hard decision because we want a space in Edgewater for the community to come together. Ultimately it just isn’t the right timing for Edgewater Collective to maintain a space like this.

Our hope is that a coffee shop can take over Gina’s lease for the space and open a great, independent coffee shop that can serve as a community hub on 25th Avenue.

And we will continue our efforts in cultivating partnerships for thriving Edgewater families and neighborhoods.

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