Business Spotlight: UberChic Nail Boutique



One of our mission’s at Edgewater Echo is to spotlight unique local businesses and this week we are spotlighting UberChic Nail Boutique near the northeast corner of 25th and Ames. Here is our interview with owner B.K. Turner.


What drew you to open a business in Edgewater? 
I stumbled upon Edgewater when looking for retail spaces and had no idea it even existed or that it was its own city! I found Edgewater to be charming and quaint. I love how close it is to city life being 10min away from downtown and the Highlands, yet it remains its small town feel!


What services do you offer at UberChic? 
UberChic is an eco-conscious salon specializing in Natural Nail Services, Waxing and Facials.


What makes UberChic unique? 
Our eco-conscious philosophy is what makes UberChic special. We strive to provide beauty services in a sustainable matter. We use all natural/organic/vegan products wherever possible including all cleaning products. To lessen our carbon footprint even further, we offer Green Discounts on our services to our customers, such as a carpool discount, a flip-flip discount when clients bring their own sandals to pedicures (eliminates use of disposable ones), and a car-free discount if we come to the salon by other means than your car (this is more of a neighbors discount).


Furthermore, UberChic is a family-run and operated business. Us three sisters, B.K., Nhi and Bee have worked together from the beginning and make a wonderful team. Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Emma hangs out at the salon most of the time and has become a salon mascot that customers love. She has become somewhat of a local celebrity often getting mentions in reviews!

Check out UberChic at 5223 West 25th Ave. and support one of our great local businesses!

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