Suspicious Incident

From Edgewater Police Chief John Hough:

On February 11, 2014, sometime between 2:45 PM and 3:05 PM, twin 10-year- old boys reported that as they walked home from Lumberg Elementary School, a white male with a bald head and a gray beard driving an old, small black vehicle drove past them on the street, then backed up and asked them to get into his vehicle. The boys refused and the suspect drove away from the scene. The incident occurred in the vicinity of 22nd Avenue and Marshall Street. There is no further information on either the suspect or his vehicle at this time. The Edgewater Police Department has increased visible patrols in the area of both elementary schools in response to this incident.

If you observe the suspect and/or his vehicle, do not attempt to contact him. Report your observation, including the suspect description and the vehicle description, to the Jefferson County Dispatch center by calling “911” or the non- emergency number 303-271-0211. You may also contact Edgewater Police Department School Resource Officer Ed McCallin at 303-549-5076 if you do not observe the suspect but have any information regarding his identity.

Please take this opportunity to talk with your children regarding how to respond if they are approached by a stranger or if they are the victim of an attempt abduction or threat. If you need any additional information regarding how to talk to your children regarding these issues, please contact either School Resource Officer McCallin or Chief John Hough at 720-763-3000. 

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