City Council Spotlight: David Fleck

Over the next few weeks we will be spotlighting our Edgewater City Council Members. Our first spotlight is on Councilman David Fleck.
David Fleck  Picture from City of Edgewater website

David Fleck
Picture from City of Edgewater website

What led you to run for City Council?
At the time I was the chair on the ERA and really wanted to do more for our community.  My daughter was only a few months old and I wanted to do everything I could to make this the best place for her to grow up.
What part of the City Council role do you enjoy? 
I love having my mind changed.  We have a great council where constructive conversations lead to meaningful change. I thoroughly enjoy being a catalyst for the future of our community.
What are the challenges in your role? 
Good intentions don’t always equate to good laws.  Not all problems can be fixed by passing laws and in fact many are created because of them.  My biggest challenge is to find the right balance.
What makes Edgewater unique? 
We are a tight knit small community in the sea of the Colorado Front Range.  We’re a short distance from the heart of Denver yet removed enough to maintain our own identity.  Our blend of strong cultural heritage and diverse age groups deliver a wealth of personalities and life experiences often rare in communities of similar size.
What do you hope to see happen in Edgewater over the next 3-5 years? 
In a larger view, Edgewater represents a nationwide movement back to the heart of our cities.  For generations Americans have been running away from urban areas and we are seeing that tide shift. Over the next few years we will continue to see the homes in our communities improve.  Houses and yards in neglect are becoming increasingly rare.  Our volunteer clean-up day saw community members pour out to help our seniors with basic yard work that many aren’t able to keep up with.  I believe grassroots community activism will grow with vigor in Edgewater.

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