Engage with City Government this Week

The beauty of a village like Edgewater is that we can interact with our elected officials on a regular basis. You can get to know Mayor Bonnie McNulty or speak up at a City Council meeting and be heard. The health of a city is based on the involvement of its residents and in Edgewater this is easier than in bigger cities.

This week there are a number of ways you can meet our elected officials  and keep up to date on what is happening in Edgewater.

Coffee with the Mayor

9-11 am on Wednesday at the space formerly known as Edgewater Coffee (5224 W 25th Ave)

Meet Mayor Bonnie, get a free cup of coffee and hear what is happening around town.

Planning and Zoning Meeting

Wednesday at 7 pm at City Hall (2401 Sheridan Boulevard )

City Council Meeting

Thursday at 7 pm at City Hall (2401 Sheridan Boulevard)

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