Concerned Citizens’ Letter Regarding WRFPD Board

Concerned citizens in the WRFPD wrote this educational information for you. This notice was handed out to Edgewater residents though the author is unknown.

The following information concerns the Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District (WRFPD):

Even though the New Chief created a Blue Ribbon Panel, the WRFPD Board voted against the recommendations suggested by the panel and some of them were:

1. Hire a financial consultant to analyze the long-term financial needs of the WRFPD in order to know how much money was needed to sustain the WRFPD. Using this information decide if it is fmancially better to raise the Mill Levy or merge with another District such as West Metro.

2. Have the financial consultant review the WRFPD’ s accounting procedures and financial documents beginning 2010, which was when the WRFPD went from a volunteer crew to mostly paid crew, to the present. This historical information would be helpful in considering the short and long-term levels of service; capitol improvement needs, funding sources, and a reserve/investment policy.

3. Hire an organizational consultant to make a complete assessment of the organization and assist the WRFPD Board in acquiring the requirements to sustain the WRFPD fiscally and from a structural and leadership perspective.

Salaries of the WRFPD:
The Chief over the whole WRFPD = $97,500
The 3 Battalion Chiefs (they only have 2 at present) = $80,000 per Chief.
The Lieutenants = Start at $52,000
The Engineers = Start at $47,920
The Fire Fighters Reserve = Has a very complicated formula that is based on experience and training working 2 days on 4 days off (48/98) = $24,000.
The Board members = $1,600 a year
The Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc (accounting firm) = $60,000

When you hear the fire engines take off there is one Engineer driving, one Lieutenant and one Fire Fighter. The Battalion Chief may go on some calls. They typically will send two trucks per call.

They are looking to use the Mill Levy to start paying the Fire Fighters Reserve $40,000 a year.

It sounds like they plan to repeat what they did in 2010 when the Mill Levy was raised.

The concern is that the WRFPD will raise everyone’s salary and the money needed for capitol; maintenance and replacing the. fire trucks, equipment, Edgewater Station, etc, will not be enough and they will ask for more money sooner than later. They have not
chosen to develop a short and long-term financial plan to determine how much revenue is needed to sustain the WRFPD that the Blue Ribbon Panel recommended before asking for a Mill Levy increase. They had to borrow money to pay the February 2014 payroll and expenses.

The open meetings of the WRFPD Board are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 6:00 pm at 10901 W. 38th Ave. Parking is in the back of the station.

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  1. Very well written…. facts that really cannot be disputed. I was unaware board members were paid by the district. If I am elected…I will for go the $1,600 year salary.

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