Edgewater PD Bike Patrols



Contact person: Chief John Hough

Contact telephone number: 720-763-3000

One of the most versatile tools in law enforcement today is the police mountain bicycle. Quiet, cost efficient and amazingly effective, mountain bikes are able to bridge the gap between vehicles and foot patrol. Experience has shown that individuals are more likely to approach a bike patrol officer than an officer in a patrol car, optimizing community oriented or problem oriented policing efforts. Bike patrol officers are better able to use all their senses, including smell and hearing, to detect and respond to crime.

Bike patrol officers create a highly mobile, visible presence in a wide range of locations, including shopping malls, schools and multi-family housing units. When necessary, bike patrol officers are often able to approach suspects virtually unnoticed, even in full uniform.

The Edgewater Police Department bike patrol combines daytime high visibility patrols with close community contact. During the hours of darkness, the bike patrol takes a more stealthy approach, sometimes patrolling without lights illuminated, to blend into the surroundings.

The Edgewater Police Department bike patrol is heavily engaged in pro-active law enforcement. Unlike officers in patrol cars who are frequently dispatched by radio, bike patrol officers initiate most of their own contacts. Due to their versatility and specialized training, bike patrol officers are capable of riding into and through areas that are not normally accessible to an officer in a patrol car. 

Bike patrol officers lead by example, promoting helmet use and bike safety to the community, especially the children. Bicycles are great for public relations as an officer on a bike is much more approachable than one in a patrol car. Bicycle use promotes good health and the Police Department benefits from decreased healthcare costs. Bicycles are environmentally friendly as they use no fossil fuels and create no emissions. Police bicycle are cost-effective as the average cost of a police bicycle is approximately $1200. This is a fraction of the cost of a police car or any other motorized vehicle used in police work.

The Edgewater Police Department bike patrol currently has five bikes in its fleet including two old Trek brand police bikes that are mostly used as training bikes. In 2013, the Police Department purchased two Trek 29’er police bikes. These bikes were partially funded through by a grant from the Target Corporation, with the Police Department paying the cost difference. In 2014, the Police Department purchased an additional Trek 29’er police bike with a public safety grant from Firehouse Subs.

The Edgewater Police Department currently has five officers trained in police bike operations. These officers have all completed specialized police bike training involving slow speed maneuvering, high speed braking, night riding, obstacle negotiations (stairs, curbs, grass, pedestrians and cars) and how to safely fall with the bike. The officers are also trained on how to pursue and apprehend fleeing suspects while using the bike to protect themselves and others.

The officers in the bike patrol are issued specialized uniforms consisting of bike helmets, polo shirts with a badge patch and the word “Police” embroidered across the back, bike pants/shorts and all weather jackets with badge patch and the word “Policeembroidered across the back. Bike patrol officers are required to wear all the same duty gear they carry while on vehicle patrol. All of the police bikes are outfitted with rear racks, patrol bags and first aid kits.

So if you are in Edgewater, don’t hesitate to approach a bike patrol officer for a chat. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the bike patrol, contact Officer Kate Connelly-McVoy at kmcvoy@edgewaterco.com or Officer Ed McCallin at emccallin@edgewaterco.com

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