Joyride Brewing Expansion


From Edgewater’s Joyride Brewing Company:

Dear Edgewater, Denver, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood residents and beyond,

First off, we want to say THANK YOU so very much for the overwhelming support you’ve given us in our first 3+ weeks of being open. The reception you’ve given us has been beyond what we ever could have imagined. Thank you to everyone who has come in for a beer, we truly appreciate every single one of you.
When we set out planning this brewery, we wanted to create a place that was special, a place that was fun to be at with fantastic service and awesome beer. Several years of planning went into creating this, and it’s safe to say that we obsessed over every single detail.

When we opened up 3.5 weeks ago, we planned on closing down for a few days before our Grand Opening to finish up some construction projects that we haven’t had time to get to yet. Like the speaker sticking out of the center column, or installing the baby changing stations, or finishing the floors. Well, it just so happens that because you’ve made us so popular, we need to expand already. We have purchased 3 more fermenters, and we expect 2 of them to arrive next week. This will double our current capacity, and allow us to keep up with demand. However, in order for us to have the time and resources available to install our new equipment, as well as finish all our construction projects, we have made the decision to close the brewery, starting tomorrow. We’ll reopen next Friday, the 15th, at 8pm. Hopefully, you understand our necessity to close for a week and will continue your patronage on the other side.

Thank you, seriously, to everyone once again. We are honored to be your local neighborhood brewery.

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