Making a Difference in Our Local Schools


According to Colorado School Grades, our local schools are struggling.

Wheat Ridge Middle School receives a “D” grade.

Jefferson High School receives a “F” grade.

This is one snapshot of a school’s performance and we can all argue over the merits of judging a school based on its test scores, especially when a vast majority of these students are growing up in poverty.  90% of the children who attend schools funneling into Jefferson High School receive free or reduced lunch rates because of some measure of poverty at home.

But the fact remains that our students are struggling academically. Area parents choose to send their students to other schools in the area that fare better in the rankings. Edgewater Elementary has seen improved test scores over the past few years, yet Lumberg Elementary is still struggling.

Great communities have great schools. It will take a concerted effort to see our schools improve. Edgewater Collective is rallying community stakeholders in northeast Lakewood, Edgewater and east Wheat Ridge to ask the hard questions and find the best solutions to help all kids succeed from cradle to career.

We all can help make a difference in a child’s life. One way to get involved in our local schools is by volunteering.

Click here to find volunteer opportunities in our local schools.

Together we can help our schools thrive so even children growing up in poverty can succeed from cradle to career.

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