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Supporting education and local businesses

Our Edgewater community is rallying around our local schools so that every child in our community has a chance to succeed from cradle to career. Over 90% of the children in our schools are growing up in some form of poverty and it will take all of us working together to see these children succeed.

On Wednesday, November 5 participating Edgewater restaurants will be donating a portion of the proceeds from that day to local education nonprofit Edgewater Collective.

Participating Businesses

GB Fish and Chips (2175 Sheridan Blvd)

Joyride Brewing Company (2501 Sheridan Blvd)

About Edgewater Collective

Edgewater Collective does not run programs, but focuses solely on leading collective impact efforts around cradle to career education in the greater Edgewater area. We believe that by aligning all community stakeholders around a common vision and keeping them accountable to goals and indicators, all children can succeed from cradle to career. Instead of focusing on a few stories of transformation limited to a few children and their families, we are focused on changing the education ecosystem in our area.

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  1. jvaconsulting | Nov 1, 2014 at 11:14 pm | Reply

    Love this! Joel and friends at Edgewater Collective, thanks for doing this. I’ll be out of town on Wednesday, but fairly sure that a few of the JVA crew will be taking advantage of this. Janine

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