Jefferson High Senior Wins Hero Award

Photo: Courtesy of Jackie Green

Photo: Courtesy of Jackie Green

Last night Jefferson High School senior Carina Wilson was awarded the Hero Award by Jeffco Schools Foundation. Three Jeffco teachers and three other Jeffco students were honored for their leadership and courage along with Carina.

Here is a recap of the night:

Below is Carina’s nomination by Jefferson High teachers and staff:

“Carina Wilson has been a positive role model throughout her four years at Jefferson High School. In addition to being a part of the Leadership class, she is a math tutor in her spare time. Carina is always willing to assist teachers and staff with anything. The most impressive thing about Carina is that she has managed to participate in a vast amount of extracurricular activities while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and helping with her younger siblings.”

“I nominated Carina because she is the only student I’ve had in 20 years of teaching who claps when I give new assignments. I think she loves learning for the sake of learning. She’s got a clear plan for her future and takes all the necessary steps to meet it. She is dedicated, motivated, and compassionate.”

“In addition to her exceptional work in the classroom, she has outstanding leadership skills.

“For example, there was an occasion last year where she facilitated an AP review session with her fellow students. In addition to her superior academic skills, she has an outstanding work ethic. Despite her active involvement in volleyball, basketball, and student leadership and a long commute to school, she makes time every night to get her work done.”

“Carina has chosen the path of academic excellence and community service. Despite a childhood characterized by loss, homelessness, and the absence of her parents (at different times), Carina thrives. Carina was chosen by her Teachers as she is exceptional!”

The quotes above came from her teachers, and are representational of what every adult on campus says about Carina. She excels in academics, athletics, activities and active service. She is a solid leader in all, as well. She believes in being a positive role model and leading her peers to be the best they can be.

She also contributed countless hours as a volunteer in service to our community and school. Among the places she volunteered last year are: Trick-or-Treat Street @Jefferson High School, Habitat for Humanity, Open Door MTM Outreach childcare, VBS@The Rock Kitchen, Urban Youth Camp Counselor. She is a math tutor here at school.

“She’s my idea of the model student.”

“Carina is an amazing student leader who gives so much top her campus. As her Principal, I am proud of the contributions that she makes academically, socially and as a role model to all other students.”

Michael James, Principal, Pam Chandler, Counselor,
Cynthia Jones, AP Physics

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