Edgewater City Council Meeting This Thursday

This Thursday night (4/2), the Edgewater City Council will meet for a regularly scheduled meeting at 7 pm at City Hall.

Agenda items of note are the following:

  • Public Hearing and Discussion and Possible Action on Resolution 2015-06, a Resolution (Approving, Conditionally Approving, Denying) an Application for a Conditional Use Permit to Locate an Educational Use at 6400 West 26th Avenue. The Planning and Zoning Commission is meeting on Wednesday night to discuss the use of the property at 6400 W. 26th Avenue for the Highlands Classical Academy, a private, Christian school. Pending an approval by Planning and Zoning, City Council will hold a public hearing about the Conditional Use Permit on Thursday night.
  • Work Session. City Council will also discuss a possible Noise Ordinance, Hash Oil Production Regulations and a continuing Lease with Jeffco Public Library. They will also step into Executive Session to discuss Section 24-6-402(4)(a), C.R.S., Concerning thePurchase or Acquisition of Certain Real Property by the City; and (ii) Pursuant to Section 24-6-402(4)(e), C.R.S. for the Purpose of Determining Positions Relative to Matters that May be Subject to Negotiations, Developing Strategy for Negotiations, and/or Instructing Negotiators. More than likely this is in relation to the discussions with Trinity Development Group and the property at 20th and Depew.

Click here for the full meeting agenda.

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