Working Together for a Healthier Edgewater: Upcoming HEAL Community Meeting on March 16

From the City of Edgewater:

HEAL Community Meeting
March 16, 2015
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
At the Edgewater Rec Room (5845 West 25th Avenue)

Edgewater is one of many cities and towns in Colorado participating in the LiveWell Colorado HEAL Cities and Towns Campaign. In October, Edgewater adopted a resolution that encourages the City to adopt policies that improve access to physical activity and healthy foods in the community. Policies range from improved land use and transportation policies that can influence increased physical activity; to the promotion of Farmers Markets, Community Gardens and local nutrition education programs that can help increase residents’ access to healthy food.

The HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) Citizen’s Advisory Group was formed by a group of citizens concerned about health in the community. This group will work with the City to assess what strategies are already in place in Edgewater that address the healthy eating and active living policies outlined by LiveWell Colorado; and to determine what gaps exist, so that recommendations could be made to the City of Edgewater. The group also hopes to help bring together resources and volunteers to carry out programs that can benefit the health and wellness of all Edgewater citizens.

The March 16th meeting is the second meeting of the group and its focus will be to prioritize areas of focus for action in 2015. The group will discuss ways to implement the areas of focus for both physical activity and healthy food with existing resources in the community and begin to make recommendations for long term goals.

This event may result in three (3) or more members of the Edgewater City Council and/or the City of Edgewater’s boards and commissions being gathered together in a location where public business may be discussed.

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