Celebrate National Beer Day in Edgewater


April 7 is National Beer Day and Edgewater has many different bars and breweries to celebrate the end of Prohibition. National Beer Day is celebrated on April 7 because that is the day back in 1933 that the Cullen-Harrison Act went into effect. This Act was signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and amended the Volstead Act which brought about Prohibition. You can read more about the constitutional origins of National Beer Day here.

Bars and saloons play an interesting role in the history of Edgewater.  National Beer Day can be celebrated in Edgewater at the following bars and breweries:

Joyride Brewing Company
2501 Sheridan Boulevard

Lakeview Lounge
2375 Sheridan Boulevard

The Cooler
2045 Sheridan Boulevard

GB Fish & Chips
2175 Sheridan Boulevard

Providence Tavern
5280 West 25th Avenue

Sloan’s Bar & Grill
5850 West 25th Avenue

Edgewater Inn
5302 West 25th Avenue

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