Who Wants to Be a Candidate? Fall Elections in Edgewater

Have you ever thought of running for public office? This fall will bring numerous open positions for public office in Edgewater. On November 3, Edgewater electors will choose a new mayor as well as five City Council members. There are also two Jeffco School Board seats to be decided though Edgewater residents can only run for one of these seats.

This fall Mayor Bonnie McNulty is term limited as Mayor so that position is open. City Councilman Kristian Teegardin has formerly filed as a candidate for Edgewater Mayor. The Edgewater Mayor serves a 2 year term.

This fall there are also four 4-year term City Council seats up for election as well as one 2-year City Council seat. The 4-year term seats will go to the candidates with the highest number of votes. Councilwomen Janet Spangenberg and Laura Keegan will continue on City Council as their terms end in November of 2017.

Here are the qualifications for City Council Members from the Edgewater Municipal Code:

3.4. – Qualifications of Council members.
(1) No person shall be eligible to be elected to, or to be appointed to, fill a vacancy in the office of Council member unless the person:

(a) is a citizen of the United States at the time of nomination or appointment;
(b) is at least 23 years of age at the time of nomination or appointment;
(c) is a registered elector at the time of nomination or appointment; and
(d) has been, for one year immediately preceding such election or appointment, a resident of the city. Any person who is a resident of the City, or of any area annexed to, or consolidated with the City for the required length of time, as herein provided, shall be deemed to meet the resident requirements of this paragraph.

(2) No person who has been, or who is convicted of, embezzlement, bribery, solicitation of bribery, perjury, subornation of perjury, or any offense involving fraud, shall be capable of holding the office of Council member.
(3) A person who holds a position as a board or commission member, or is an officer or employee of the City, shall be deemed to have resigned such position upon taking office as Council member.

More details on Edgewater elections can be found here.

Lesley Dahlkemper’s term on the Jeffco Schools Board of Education expires this November so Edgewater residents can run as a candidate for this seat. All of Edgewater is located in District 4 which is the territory Dahlkemper represents. Jill Fellman’s term on the School Board representing District 3 also expires this November. It is not known yet whether Dahlkemper or Fellman will run for reelection.

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