Support Sustainability in Edgewater with Jovial Gardens

A great way to support sustainability in Edgewater is with the Jovial Gardens project. Here is an update from Jovial:

The Jovial Gardens project was developed in 2013 to provide education in healthy and sustainable living, to create accessibility to high quality food for those in need, and to unify communities around the common goal of creatively increasing their resources. By transforming portions of lawns into organic gardens, we better utilize Edgewater’s resources and help feed hundreds of local families. All of our produce is donated to garden hosts, volunteers, and families in need. Jovial Gardens works with local residents over the course of 2 years building their garden, supplying all materials, providing all weeding/ watering/ regular maintenance, offering classes, best garden practices, teaching how home gardens can provide extra income, and hosting community potlucks! We are proud to announce that our 2015 seedlings were planted and grown by the Edgewater Elementary 2nd and 3rd graders.  Our program continues to expand with the goal of every Edgewater home and school, hosting an organic garden!

We are currently seeking Volunteers for Saturday Gardening and more Garden Hosts. For more information please contact

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