Host a Block Party This Summer and Connect With Your Neighbors

One of the best traditions in Edgewater is its summer block parties. Some of the parties are even named for their street like “Eatin’ on Eaton.” Summer block parties are a great way to meet and build relationships with neighbors. This year Joyride Brewing Company and Edgewater Collective are collaborating to encourage and resource block parties in Edgewater.

Each year the City of Edgewater encourages block parties by waiving the application fee for the Special Event Permit as well as paying for a portion, if not the entire, liability insurance for the event, based on the activities requiring liability insurance. The City of Edgewater will also provide barricades to shut down the street if requested.

This year Joyride Brewing Company has agreed to donate a keg of beer to block parties in Edgewater. Edgewater Collective will also setup a table with information about local schools and other community resources.

To organize a block party this summer, visit the City of Edgewater website for more specific information. Click here for the Special Event Block Party Guidelines and Application Packet.

Contact Grant Babb (grant(at) or 303-941-8526) at Joyride Brewing Company for more information about the keg donation and community resources through Edgewater Collective.

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