Business Spotlight: Resilience Acupuncture

Martina Skenderova of Resilience Acupuncture

Martina Skenderova of Resilience Acupuncture

Here’s our interview with Martina Skenderova of Resilience Acupuncture.

How did you get involved in this business?
My first acupuncture treatment happened when I was a kid living in South Korea. I had a badly sprained and slow to heal ankle, and the treatment helped me get off my crutches and return to school in just a few days. I knew I loved acupuncture at a young age.

Sometimes our experience of healthcare can leave us feeling empty, unclear, embarrassed, confused, and rushed. I figured there must be a better way to approach health and healing. I started Resilience Acupuncture because I wanted to offer a place for people where healthcare feels empowering. A place where someone is not just “the knee replacement in room 4”, a place where people can slow down, feel heard, be truly cared for, and maybe even have a laugh or a cry without judgement.

What drew you to open a business in Edgewater?
My partner and I fell in love with Edgewater while looking for a place to call home near Denver. The town is like a beautiful little gem, nestled perfectly between the cultural amenities of Denver and the gorgeous Colorado mountains. I love the small town feel and the awesome, friendly neighbors. Edgewater is special and I knew right away I wanted to be a part of this community.

What services do you offer?
I treat chronic and acute injuries and pain so people can do more of what they love doing. Pain, however does not exist alone and separate from anything else that goes on in a person’s life. So, as a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I can address more than just one concern. I find out about people’s bigger health goals and work with patients to come up with solutions and help make the changes they have been thinking about making.

What makes your business unique?
I combine acupuncture, modern research, my experience working in physical rehab, with my love for nature and the outdoors to create unique patient-centered treatments that not only address the right now, but also take people’s long term health goals and aspirations into consideration. I treat a variety of people form serious athletes to those looking to get more physically active. Everybody has different needs and I meet each person where they are at mentally and physically, and work from there.

I want people to feel heard, respected, safe, and truly cared for, but most of all, my goal at Resilience Acupuncture is to help people do more of what they love, be it biking, climbing, skiing, yoga gardening, walking their dog, painting, or whatever else makes their heart sing.

Visit Resilience Acupuncture at 5700 W. 25th Avenue or their website here. Resilience shares space with Fitness Together and Titanium Fitness.

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