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Every city has its traditions and for many years the Edgewater fireworks show on July 3 was loved by many residents. But then the event became too hard for the City of Edgewater to manage as people flocked from neighboring cities. Even the New York Times reported on our fireworks show being canceled.

The event has been canceled since 2012 and probably won’t return.

Mayor Bonnie McNulty explains, “After years of studying the overall benefits and negative consequences of Edgewater’s July 3rd event, in the interest of public safety and financial stewardship, it was with a heavy heart that City Council voted to discontinue the tradition.”

If you are thinking of providing your own fireworks show this holiday season, check out Edgewater’s fireworks policy:

It is illegal to possess any fireworks while in any park, parkway, street, recreation area or open space in the City or to use or explode any fireworks on any public or private property, unless you have obtained a permit for the supervised public display of fireworks.

So this Fourth of July, leave the fireworks to the professionals and keep the Wheat Ridge firefighters happy.

Here’s a list of Fourth of July firework displays in the Denver metro area. 

4 Comments on "Edgewater Fireworks"

  1. Natasha O'bryan | Jul 2, 2014 at 4:24 pm | Reply

    If the City Council was using their brains they would’ve grasped the opportunity to profit off the popularity of the event. Edgwaters fireworks event was so well known, people came from all over Colorado to view the fireworks here. Edgwater could’ve made a large amount of financial gain for the city and it’s residents by having local vendors set up and made this event prosper. Maybe by utilizing the vacant space in the old Kings Soopers parking lot or the park behind it.

  2. I think we should ring if back!!! All in?

  3. Ray rozales | Jul 7, 2016 at 7:56 pm | Reply

    I agree they should bring it back and even bigger. This is about our country and its Heritage and what we honor. Be thankful for what we can do here in America. I think it’s time to weed out the old fiddy duddy’s and reelect new ones that will understand what we citizens ask for.

  4. please bring back the fireworks at edgewater park on 4 of july its never been the same without the fireworks at edgewater park please bring them back so we in Cleveland can enjoy 4th of july again for over 50 years we had them down edge water please bring them back people will be very happy if this took place

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