Suspicious Package and Bomb Threat at La Cascada in Edgewater

From Edgewater Police Chief John Hough:

On June 5, 2015 a male subject entered the La Cascada restaurant at 5457 West 20th Avenue in Edgewater and asked one of the staff members if he could use the restroom facilities. The subject was allowed to use the restroom, then he returned to the main area of the restaurant and sat at the bar. The subject told the restaurant staff that he was going to eat. When he was asked what he wanted to drink, the subject responded, “Just give me whatever.”

When the restaurant server asked the subject what he wanted to order for his food, the subject responded that he was now not going to order any food or eat at the restaurant. The subject began to tell the server that he knew how to make “bombs” and that he was going to shoot a firearm in the restaurant. The subject told the server to “calm down” because he was not going to do anything at that time because of the number of other people in the restaurant and that he would be investigated by the “DEA.” The subject left the restaurant without any further incident.

On June 8, 2015, at about 9:30 AM, an employee of the restaurant discovered a backpack at the rear of the restaurant near a dumpster. Given the interaction with the subject on the previous Friday, and that subject’s comments about knowing how to make “bombs,” the employee contacted the Edgewater Police Department.
Officers from the Edgewater Police Department responded to the restaurant and confirmed the discovery of the backpack. The restaurant and the immediate area were evacuated as a safety precaution and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Critical Response Team was summoned. The Critical Response Team includes Jefferson

County Sheriff’s Office deputies specially trained in the recognition and safe recovery and disposal of possible explosive devices.

The Critical Response Team members responded to the location and were able to safely examine the backpack and its contents with the aid of a robot device. The backpack did not contain any explosive device; instead, it contained personal items of clothing.

The incident was concluded with the re-opening of the restaurant and the immediate area at about 1:30 PM on June 8, 2015.

The subject in this incident remains unidentified.

Contact person: Chief John Hough
Contact telephone number: 720-763-3000 or 303-549-7501

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