Babysitting Co-op Starting in Edgewater

From Edgewater residents and babysitting co-op organizers Kate Mulcahy and Lilly Steirer:

Do you need some free time during the day but can’t find someone to watch your kids?  Do you and your spouse want to have a date night but can’t afford a sitter?  Look no further!  Join our babysitting co-op!

If you are interested in joining the Edgewater Babysitting Swap, go to and under ‘coop’ put in our zip code 80214. The only three requirements are that you 1) Are a resident of Edgewater 2) Meet with one of the moderators, and 3) attend the social hour at least once to join and bimonthly to maintain membership.

We understand that life is busy, but we want to know each other and give the kids a chance to make friends. Also, please participate! What goes around, comes around. Social hour events will be announced via once you are a member.  Anyone interested in joining this group can contact Kate at

Our next event is coming up mid August.  Join us August 18th for a potluck from 5-7pm.  Mark it on your calendar and contact us for further details.

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