Edgewater Author Spotlight: Robert William Case

A few months ago we featured a book from local author and City Councilwoman Laura Keegan. This week we are featuring another Edgewater author, Robert William Case.


Icarus and the Wing Builder
We have known how to fly for centuries. Long ago a famous inventor named Daedalus created working wings. He made two pair, one for himself and one for his son. It might have been his legacy.

Icarus had his own idea. Icarus and the Wing Builder recreates the ancient myth, recasting it as a soaring story of historical/mythological fiction. The book is about coming of age on the Minoan sailing ships of the ancient Mediterranean. Its themes of freedom, love, and slavery resonate into the present bearing a message about the power of hope. Find out what really happened in the sky that day!

What others have said about the book
“Uplifting and quite simply…superb!” Sterling Gate Books

“Case’s writing is beautiful and the style fits the mythology and magic he’s created…I would love to see what he could do with other myths…” Stephanie Swint – Book Reviewer/Blogger

Robert William Case is donating 20% of the profits from the sales of his book “Icarus and the Wing Builder” to local nonprofit Edgewater Collective during the month of August.

You can purchase Icarus and the Wing Builder from Amazon here.

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