New School Year Brings Changes to Jefferson Area Schools

This fall brings new changes in the Jefferson Area Schools to improve student performance and provide a successful pathway from cradle to career. After engaging teachers and the community on how to best meet the needs of students, Jeffco Public Schools has recommitted to making sure that each student receives a great education.

The Jefferson Area includes schools that feed into Jefferson Jr/Sr High (Molholm Elementary, Edgewater Elementary, Lumberg Elementary) and Stevens Elementary, though Stevens students will attend Wheat Ridge High School unless they choice to another school.

This school year brings 7th and 8th grade students to Jefferson Junior/Senior High School in Edgewater. Jefferson Principal Michael James shared his excitement for this change, “The opportunity to work with 7th and 8th graders for 5-6 years of their education gives my staff the chance to impact their each student’s mindset and their personal outlooks for the future.”

Stevens Elementary School regained 5th and 6th grade students and moved into the building that formerly held Wheat Ridge 5-8. According to Jeffco Schools’ communication to parents, Sobesky Academy will tentatively move into the old Stevens location sometime this school year. Students at Stevens Elementary transition to Everitt Middle School and then Wheat Ridge High School, but can choose to attend Jefferson Jr/Sr High.

Longtime Edgewater Elementary Principal Celeste Sultze transitioned to become an Achievement Director overseeing schools in the district after helping create a culture of success at Edgewater. Katherine Chumacero, who served as an instructional coach at Foster Elementary, is the new principal at Edgewater Elementary. When asked why she chose Edgewater, Chumacero stated, “I believe that public education is a powerful tool for personal and global empowerment and I am passionate about supporting the needs of the diverse student population in the Edgewater community. Sí se puede!!”

Jefferson Area teachers and staff came back to work one week earlier than other district teachers to gain extra training and support to reach area students. The Jefferson Area has excellent, dedicated teachers and the district committed to providing extra professional development to support their learning this school year.

Former Principal at Wheat Ridge 5-8 and current Special Administrator to the Jefferson Area Schools Warren Blair shared more about the alignment efforts in this area, “What excites me about the work is that all 5 schools in the Jefferson Area are working closely together to align our work preK-12th grade. Each school is committed to our 3 pillars: Language for Achievement, Culture and Engagement, and Professional Learning Communities. By focusing our efforts and working collaboratively it will allow us to leverage the great talents of our staffs, families and students as well as district resources to further support student achievement.”

The beginning of the school year always brings changes, and for the Jefferson Area Schools, the hope is that these changes will have a positive impact on students, teachers and the community.

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