Edgewater City Council Candidate Spotlight: Kate Mulcahy


Tell us a little about yourself.
My background is in education. I was a high school teacher for several years and have recently tested the waters in higher education. I currently work as an adjunct instructor at Denver University. My most important job, however, is being a mom to my two children: a four year old boy (four and a half if you ask him) and almost two year old girl.

Why are you running for City Council?
I love what this town is: a unique, tight-knit, community. I want to preserve Edgewater’s character while still embracing the growth and revitalization that we see happening around us. I know that this will be a difficult balance to achieve and maintain. However, through thoroughness and thoughtfulness, I think we can avoid mistakes from progress for progress’s sake and also the missed opportunities caused by fear of change. I want to foster a purposeful progress.

What are the biggest opportunities facing Edgewater?
Where do I begin? I have been blown away by the changes that have occurred in such a short amount of time. New businesses such as Joyride and Coda Coffee have reenergized the downtown area, and I continually see more young families move into the area. One of the biggest opportunities for Edgewater, however, has yet to be realized. I would like to ensure the development of 20th and Depew St. is developed in a way that reflects our community’s wants and needs.

What are the biggest challenges for our city?
I think the biggest challenges for our city are managing the growing pains. All of the opportunities that I mentioned before can come with their own challenges: new businesses can mean congested parking; new residents can mean neighbors don’t know each other; new ideas can mean old traditions are forgotten. Many people are moving to Edgewater to get the small town feel with the big town access. My goal is to find a balance, and answer the question: How do we continue to improve Edgewater without changing the essence of its small-town charm?

Why should we vote for you?
People should vote for me because I’m committed to our community, and I want what is best for Edgewater. Sure I have my own ideas; however, I am open-minded and reasonable enough to know that the best outcomes result from respectful and thoughtful discussions from multiple viewpoints. I come to the council with ideas, not agendas.

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