Edgewater City Council Candidate Spotlight: Larry Welshon

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Tell us a little about yourself.
My wife Tammy and I have lived in Edgewater for more than twenty years. We’ve raised our children here and plan to stay until we are very old. Our roots in the area are literal, too: we have a garden of perennials from my mom’s old place in Applewood, and some years we keep a vegetable garden as well. During my college years (in Fort Collins and Greeley) I studied history and educational leadership, and over the years I’ve taught many subjects at many grade levels. My wife and I both trained to be teachers: she teaches in JeffCo, and I work at Alpine Valley School in Wheat Ridge. It is at this school, where the students live day-to-day in a self-governing community, that I’ve seen firsthand the positive effects of allowing people—even children—the blessings of liberty and autonomy. I’ve skydived once, and I managed the Jefferson County Open Space youth program for five years. I was born while my parents lived in England: my father invented the ringed 6-pack carrier, and my mother was a longtime member of the League of Women Voters. When not in Edgewater, I prefer spending as much time as possible in the mountains. I am passionately in love with America and believe the Constitution was written by the wisest men ever to walk the earth.

Why are you running for City Council?
I’ve attended Council meetings regularly the last couple years. In that time, I’ve seen too many unanimous votes that I would have opposed. This suggests a pattern of conformity—an old enemy of freedom—or worse, meaningless legislation that compromises fundamental principles. The republican form of government guaranteed by the Constitution is best when multiple perspectives inform deliberations. As an elected representative, it will be my practice to listen to citizens, analyze the issues dispassionately, and consider the Comprehensive Plan. Ultimately I will vote my conscience, guided by the understanding that government is made up of individuals just as flawed as the rest of us. They can’t know all they need or solve all problems, and besides, power tends to be corrupting. Thus, it is best to give government only the amount of power needed to do its job. Laws should have a limiting effect, with government acting only to maintain order and provide a basic level of services.

A note on my campaign style: Instead of knocking on doors and interrupting your dinner, I’m running a non-interventionist campaign. I’ve avoided cluttering our city with political signs bearing my name because I want to be an elected official that listens, and political signs don’t help me do that— a phone call or email can. So please contact me on my cell (720-273-9297) or email me at EdgewaterLarry@gmail.com.

What are the biggest opportunities facing Edgewater?
Edgewater has the opportunity to remain a small, eclectic city of interesting individuals living their lives as they see fit, free from the strong hand of government and the trend of standardization.

What are the biggest challenges for our city?
Our biggest challenge is keeping our government proportionate to our City’s size and consistent with its nature. Edgewater is unique among Denver cities, and I would prefer we not try to become like all the rest.

Why should we vote for you?
I seek your vote because I will bring to Council’s discussions a philosophy of personal liberty and responsibility, one that cherishes a government that’s limited and principle-driven.

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