Edgewater City Council Candidate Spotlight: Steve Conklin


Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a Colorado native and have resided in Edgewater for 17 years. My career has been in education and broadcasting, starting in radio at 18. Graduating from CSU, I left Colorado for a decade, earning my Master’s in Higher Education Administration at Iowa State and working in college administration and teaching on a number of campuses.  I returned to Colorado to be closer to family and went back to radio, where I worked mostly behind the scenes.  Currently I own and operate a consulting/management business and serve as president of a group dedicated to preserving the history of radio and television in Colorado. My passions are music and travel.

Why are you running for City Council?
I’ve volunteered on the Planning and Zoning Commission for seven years (six as chair) and was very involved in the creation of the 2013 Comprehensive Plan, working with Council throughout the process. I was honored to be appointed and fill an unexpired City Council term in 2014 and feel I have more to offer. I take the responsibility of serving very seriously. In a city of Edgewater’s size, government is not some detached entity… it is us. I’m gratified representing you on Council and would appreciate the opportunity to continue serving …working for you and with you.

What are the biggest opportunities facing Edgewater?
My favorite description of Edgewater is “a slice of small-town near downtown.”  Our unique character makes Edgewater that special place.

In recent years, Edgewater has made great strides in our infrastructure and real estate values continue to climb.  Interest in Edgewater is up, both as a place to live and a place to do business.  The proper development at 20th and Depew will help Edgewater move forward.

What are the biggest challenges for our city?
As we continue to attract new residents and businesses, parking challenges and other unintended consequences will arise.  We should be proactive and reasonable as we address these situations, respecting what makes us special and working to maintain our unique character.

Why should we vote for you?
In my brief time on City Council I have demonstrated a willingness to listen and work in collaboration with others to serve the city.  I am humbled that I have support from people that agree with me and those who don’t always agree but know that I will hear their thoughts and include them in the decision-making process.  I can disagree while being civil and help make appropriate decisions without forcing an ideological agenda. I am dedicated to our city.

Whoever you support, please vote. Thank you for your consideration.

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