Support the Jefferson High School Football Team

This letter from a Jefferson Junior/Senior High School parent was passed on to us and we thought we would publish it so residents and former Saints could have an opportunity to support the football team!

I am a parent of a student at Jefferson Junior/Senior High School. My son is a freshman and is on the football team. I am writing to try and get some community support for our football team. We currently have 31 players and do not have a freshman or junior varsity team. Jefferson is not known for their sports teams, but over the course of time we hope to change that!

Most high schools have a booster club, a variety of teams, and a huge amount of support. We unfortunately do not. Our boys do not have equipment bags, t-shirts, or even hoodies showing that they are part of the team. When they play the games, their opponents have huge parent support and all matching equipment. My goal is to raise to the money to purchase these items for the team. I am counting on the community to show that Jefferson football is important!

I am hoping that you will help and support the team. The cost of an equipment bag is 30.00 per player. The cost of a hoodie for the Fall is 18.00 per player. Would you please sponsor one or two of our boys? Being part of a high school football team is the dream/goal of many, including my son. The donation would boost team morale and more importantly show that being on a team means something!

Thank you for your time!

Nancy Alvear
Team parent

Donations can be dropped off at Jefferson Junior/Senior High School (2305 Pierce Street). Write checks out to Jefferson Junior/Senior High School and put football team in the memo line.

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