Edgewater Police Report: November 30, 2015

From Edgewater Police Chief John Mackey:

On November 30, 2015 at about 7 AM Edgewater and Mountainview Officers responded to the 2800 block of Kendall St. on report of a domestic dispute and stabbing. On scene officers intervened in a fight between two men in which a knife had been used, took both men into custody and notified paramedics. One of the males was transported to Denver Health for treatment and the other male was taken into custody for the assault – investigation continues.

On November 24, 2015 Edgewater Police personnel organized a meeting with twenty nine other law enforcement personnel representing ten separate agencies – local, state, county and federal agencies. This meeting was an extension of the robbery of the Fast Cash Pawn Shop in Edgewater on November 4th in which an extensive list of weapons, jewelry and cash was taken. Edgewater Police have identified multiple suspects and cases over a several year period involving a pattern of racketeering activity. Investigation continues.

On June 6, 2015 at about 10:50 PM the King Soopers at 1725 Sheridan Blvd. was robbed by a masked gunmen. Edgewater Officers had responded to the scene assisted by Officers from the Denver and Lakewood Police Departments. Although the suspect was able to flee the scene, officer’s quick response led the suspect to drop both the gun he had used to rob the store and the money he had taken. Edgewater Detectives were able to submit the evidence to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and two suspects were identified. Edgewater Detectives obtained warrants this past week for James Coleman (DOB: 05/12/1980), from Aurora,CO and Phillip Kolberg (DOB: 06/30/1974), from Commerce City, CO.

Coleman is currently in the Jefferson County Jail and the warrant for Kolberg is outstanding. Great job Detective Connelly-McVoy! Investigation continues.

Edgewater Police received reports of a telemarketing scam involving persons identifying themselves as Xcel Energy employees. The scammer advises residents that they are behind on their energy bill in an effort to extort money. Please be aware of these scammers and advise your friends and family to immediately end these calls should you receive one.

During the previous week Edgewater Officers have conducted extensive traffic control throughout the city, citing multiple drivers for speeding, registration violations, suspensions and two habitual traffic offenders in addition to the below DUI’s.

Edgewater Officers arrested multiple persons for DUI this period:
25 year old male Lakewood resident.
40 year old male Denver resident.
45 year old male Edgewater resident.

Edgewater Officers arrested the following person for Shoplifting this period:
18 year old female Edgewater resident.

Additionally, Edgewater Officers completed investigations on multiple persons with warrants, an auto theft that turned into a civil situation, an unattended death investigation, and cleared a juvenile runaway case.

Contact Person:
Chief John Mackey

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