Edgewater Business Spotlight: Core Family Chiropractic


This week we are featuring Core Family Chiropractic which is located at 2045 Sheridan Blvd. in Edgewater.

How did you get involved in this business?
Since I was young I have always wanted to be in a profession where I could truly help people and be presented with unique challenges on a daily basis. My initial exposure to chiropractic was through care I received while growing up with wrestling. I was like most people who just battled through aches and pains but was amazed at how I felt following the first treatment. The chiropractor on our wrestling staff was where I learned more about the philosophy and benefits of chiropractic and it fit right in line with my desire to help people without the use of drugs or surgery and apply a conservative and holistic approach to healthcare.

What drew you to open a business in Edgewater?
Edgewater seemed to pick me! When my wife and I moved here about 3 years ago we didn’t know much about Denver or the surrounding communities. We drove through many neighborhoods but never made it towards Edgewater for some reason. I randomly contacted another chiropractor about a treatment table he was selling online and called him to inquire about it. He said the table was already sold but that if I was looking for a commercial space to start a practice, to come check out his old space he just left in Edgewater. I drove by and immediately knew this was where I wanted to be. Everyone we have met from the community has been so welcoming and it’s a great small town within the big city. We are currently in the process of finding a suitable home within the neighborhood to call our own.

What services do you offer?
I provide advanced conservative chiropractic care for acute pain conditions of the spine and extremities and overall spinal health maintenance for those that want to be proactive about the health of their back or have family history of back disorders. Just a few of the services I provide are chiropractic specific adjustments, physical therapy, structural rehabilitation, activity and ergonomic modification, electrical stimulation, intersegmental traction, myofascial release and other muscle release techniques, which can be used in combination or individually depending the patient’s condition. I pride myself on customizing treatment based on the patient’s conditions and needs to ensure them the best service.

What makes your business unique?
Core Family Chiropractic is unique because I have trained in a variety of different specializations that cater to different populations of patients. From my past in sports, I am engrained the athletic world and love helping the middle and high school sports teams around town, weekend warriors at Sloan’s Lake, or your competitive athletes so that they can get back to doing what they love. I also grew up with a midwife in the family so while at Kansas State University and Cleveland Chiropractic College I obtained experience with pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care and since have had the pleasure of treating numerous new moms in Edgewater and the surrounding communities to ensure the spinal health of their children as well.

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