Edgewater Business Spotlight: Aspire Medical Spa


Today we are featuring one of our new businesses to Edgewater, the Aspire Medical Spa. They are located at 2255 Sheridan Boulevard, Unit B, just down from Starbucks.

How did you get involved in this business?
I’ve always been very passionate about owning my own business. My parents are both entrepreneurs so I think it runs in my blood! I have been an esthetician for about 9 years and it truly is my passion. I got involved in the aesthetics industry in high school. I worked as a receptionist at a waxing salon. It was such a fun environment; I could not believe a job could be so fun. I love people and my clients become really great friends over time. This business is a fun and unique opportunity to get to know people. I see most of my clients on a monthly basis so I get to watch them evolve as their life progresses. It is a very rewarding career!

What drew you to open a business in Edgewater?
My husband and I moved to Edgewater 2 years ago and immediately fell in love with this town. We bought our home here over the summer and opening my business within walking distance seemed like the perfect situation. We really want to connect and be part of this community and Aspire has been the ideal way to do that. We love Denver but we both grew up in small towns so Edgewater is a great balance for us. Also finding a storefront with a lake view is a pretty special thing in this land locked state!

What services/products do you offer?
I offer a wide variety of services. I have worked at many different spas/medi spas in my career trying do develop a huge arsenal of skills. I have a very strong background in waxing, so that is definitely going to be a big part of the Aspire experience. A few of my favorite offerings are Microneedling and Dermaplaning. Microneedling is excellent for plumping the skin by encouraging collagen growth. It is also great treatment to improve textured acne scarring. Dermaplaning is my new favorite treatment it removes dead skin and peach fuzz from the face, which leaves your skin absolutely glowing! It resolves two concerns- dull dry skin as well as that fuzz we all get so tired of dealing with!

We have Jane Iredale Makeup and Lira Clinical skin care products. Offering a healthy makeup to my clients is something I am very passionate about. A person can be doing everything right in regard to their skin care routine except for when it comes to their makeup and that can create an array of problems. Women have makeup on their skin nearly everyday and into the night. It’s important that our makeup is working with us rather than reeking havoc on our skin. Lira Clinical is a high quality skin care line that is great for men and women. The ingredients used in these products are potent and results driven – plus smelling great is an added bonus! It was important to me to bring on a skin care line that does what it says and also be cost effective.

What makes your business unique?
Aspire is unique because not only have I put my heart and soul into it, but we carry unique skin services tailored for every individual! There has been a ton of positivity and thoughtfulness surrounding this business venture and it is my hope that people will feel that when they walk in the door and in the quality of every treatment. I have dreamt of being a business owner since I was a young child and Aspire is my dream coming true!

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