Edgewater Police Report: March 15, 2016

Edgewater Police Report from Chief John Mackey

On March 7th shortly after 11PM Corporal Geerdes stopped a suspicious vehicle in the alley behind the 2000 block of Benton Street. The male driver and female passenger appeared to have been doing drugs but the vehicle abruptly fled as it was stolen out of Aurora. The fleeing vehicle crashed into two locations and eventually became disabled in the 2000 block of Ingalls St. Both occupants, a 35 year old male and 24 year old female fled the scene but were arrested quickly. Neighbors observed the incident and assisted police in locating a loaded 9 mm MAC 10 submachine gun in the area of the disabled vehicle. Officers also located Methamphetamines, and assorted drug related material during a search of the area. The submachine gun was subsequently found to be stolen and both persons were lodged in the Jefferson County Jail on multiple offenses. We received multiple notes regarding the amount of activity in the 2000 block of Benton Street recently – please be aware that we are giving extra attention to that neighborhood, and would encourage neighbors to call Dispatch at 303-271-0211 if they see suspicious activity. Thank you to our observant neighbors and great job Corporal Geerdes!

A resident in the 2200 block of Kendall St. reported having had six large boxes of new furniture stolen from their front porch sometime this past week. The resident had the furniture delivered while they were out of town and learned that the boxes had been delivered two days before they returned home from vacation. Fortunately the furniture company will replace the furniture free of charge but residents are reminded to have someone available if at all possible to meet the delivery person at the time of delivery. We had a spike in these types of thefts during the busy holiday season, but obviously this can occur at any time of the year.

Stolen Vehicles
There were no auto thefts within the city this past week, but we did have a recovered motor scooter.
On March 13, 2016 at 4:20PM Edgewater Officers were alerted to a recovered Denver Police Department steal from September 5, 2015 involving a Blue/Silver Revzilla Scooter. The Scooter was found in the 6200 block of W. 26th Avenue. The Scooter was towed to be returned to owner.

Previously, Edgewater Police have received several stolen vehicle reports from the 26 and 2700 block of Ingalls Street in 2016, and will be concentrating additional patrol in this area – residents are reminded to telephone dispatch at 303-271-0211 if they observe suspicious persons.

Edgewater Officers arrested 8 persons for DUI over this reporting period:
24 year old male Lakewood resident.
31 year old male Lakewood resident.
32 year old female Lakewood resident.
33 year old female Denver resident.
39 year old male Lakewood resident.
41 year old male Edgewater resident.
46 year old male Denver resident.
66 year old male Denver resident.

Edgewater Officers received seven reports of shoplifting at local stores this past week.
18 year old male fled.
21 year old female Arvada resident.
22 year old male Lakewood resident.
23 year old male Denver resident.
30 year old female Denver resident.
30 year old female Lakewood resident.
40 year old male fled.

Traffic Issues
Edgewater Officers performed about 97 traffic stops for traffic enforcement during the course of this reporting period. Drivers were contacted for speeding, careless driving, red light violations, turn violations, failing to signal, reckless driving, following too closely, parking violations, abandoned vehicles, weaving, expired plates, following too closely, registration violations, suspensions, denials and revocations, and multiple traffic accidents and a hit & run. The radar trailer is deployed regularly throughout the city and will be placed in the 2200 block of Kendall Street for the coming week. If you are interested in having the radar trailer put in your neighborhood, please call the Police Volunteer Line – 303-763- 3015.

Calls for Service
Edgewater Officers additionally responded to calls involving disorderly students, student assaults, criminal mischief, harassment, suspicious persons, disturbances, trespasses, animals at large, barking dogs, false information to pawn shop, thefts, unwanted persons, intoxicated persons, domestic violence, assault, violation of protection orders, and criminal mischief and multiple warrant arrests. Edgewater Officers self-initiated and responded to about 254 various calls this past week – thank you neighbors for notifying our dispatch center at 303-271-0211 for the many calls and for our Edgewater Officers for their fine work during a very busy week!

Thank You Notes from Neighbors
Vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed through a parking lot narrowly missed striking a resident and Edgewater Police Officer – resulted in driver’s arrest for DUI.

Thank you for providing me with support services for victim/witness regarding the incident on January 24, 2016. Although on that date and the time of the incident I was shaken up a bit, pretty scary for me for a few days. I am not asking for any restitution or therapy for myself or my family. My daughter and mom were more upset when I told them what happened later that morning. My daughter, for about two weeks was very clingy to me (which I always enjoy being around her anyways) thinking that I could have been taken away or been seriously injured. She is much better now as is my mom, who told the driver that he could have taken her only daughter away. He to this day has never even given an apology! As I told the Prosecutor, I am first and most important a mom, I’m a daughter, a Sister, a Sister-in-law an Auntie and now a Great Auntie of three beautiful babies. We all know drinking and or having drugs in your system and driving is so illegal and the possibility of injuries and or death is extremely possible. When I found out that person almost hit Officer Johnson as well, I was even more upset and furious. Officer Johnson has done so much good for the Edgewater community and a lot for the residents of this apartment complex. I am so thankful for Officer Johnson and the thought of him being hurt, seriously hurt or fatally injured was a big part of why I asked the Prosecutor to request the driver get the max allowed, as she asked me what I’d like to see happen to the driver. That day I thanked God that Officer Johnson and I got to go home physically unhurt. I’ve always said that Edgewater has the absolute BEST Officers EVER in Colorado and I continue to believe that statement. Sgt. Fowle, Corporal Forsythe, Corporal Geerdes and Officer Johnson were so professional during this upsetting ordeal!

Neighbor had a landlord/tenant event to report to police.
I want to express my deep appreciation for Edgewater Police Officer Collins for helping me with a concerning matter today. Although I’ll need to seek help from other jurisdictions, Officer Collins responded quickly to take my report and follow through. He later explained why the EPD couldn’t help, and provided information for my next steps.Thank you and the entire Edgewater Police Department for the work you do!

Neighbor’s notes are placed in the lobby of the police station and placed in the respective officer’s personnel files – thanks for sharing!

Contact Person: Chief John Mackey
Contact number: 720-763-3000

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