Edgewater Police Report: March 7, 2016

From Edgewater Police Chief John Mackey:

Rental Property Licensing
On July 16, 2015, the City of Edgewater passed the Rental Property Licensing Ordinance which requires property owners that rent their homes to register their dwellings with the city by January 1, 2016. We have the majority of dwellings registered now and the police department wants to provide greater communication to our landlords and investors by forwarding this report to you on a weekly basis.

The Police Department understands that rental properties and multi-unit dwellings have higher crime rates than owner occupied residences, and as such we are developing a training program to assist our owners and multi-unit dwelling managers with best practice guidelines to assist them.

The Police Department will be updating our website shortly to begin the process of disseminating information on the several community policing initiatives that we will roll out with the goal of effectively impacting the crimes we talk about in the following sections each week. The majority of this information will be available via the Police Department website, and the Town Cryer or Nextdoor emails. These programs will be very much volunteer based and we will be once again reaching out to our community in assisting us with these crime prevention and community policing programs shortly.

Stolen Vehicles
There were no auto thefts within the city this past week.
Previously, Edgewater Police have received several stolen vehicle reports from the 26 and 2700 block of Ingalls Street in 2016, and will be concentrating additional patrol in this area – residents are reminded to telephone dispatch at 303-271-0211 if they observe suspicious persons.

Edgewater Officers arrested 6 persons for DUI over this reporting period:
22 year old male Arvada resident.
24 year old male Aurora resident.
25 year old female Lakewood resident.
26 year old male Denver resident.
33 year old male Denver resident.
64 year old male Denver resident.

Edgewater Officers received three reports of shoplifting at local stores this past week although suspects had fled the area prior to contact with store security and no arrests were made.

Traffic Issues
Edgewater Officers performed about 58 traffic stops for traffic enforcement during the course of this reporting period. Drivers were contacted for speeding, careless driving, red light violations, turn violations, failing to signal, reckless driving, following too closely, parking violations, abandoned vehicles, weaving, expired plates, following too closely, registration violations, suspensions, denials and revocations, and multiple traffic accidents and two hit & runs. The radar trailer is deployed regularly throughout the city and is aimed at reducing speeds and safety. If you are interested in having the radar trailer put in your neighborhood, please call the Police Volunteer Line – 303-763-3015.

Calls for Service
Edgewater Officers additionally responded to calls involving disorderly students, student assaults, criminal mischief, suspicious persons, disturbances, trespasses, barking dogs, thefts, unwanted persons, intoxicated persons, domestic violence, assault, and criminal mischief and multiple warrant arrests.

Edgewater Officers self-initiated and responded to about 199 various calls this past week – thank you neighbors for notifying our dispatch center at 303-271-0211 for the many calls and for our Edgewater Officers for their fine work during a very busy week!

Thank You Notes
Dear Officer Nesbitt,
I am writing to thank you for a call you received to respond to my apartment. My dog passed away hours earlier just after midnight. I was beside myself. I live alone and am new to Colorado. I don’t know anyone here nor do I have relatives nearby. My neighbors, to say the least, are not very neighborly. I discovered that there is not anyone who comes to your home to pick up a deceased pet – as did Animal Control when I was a small child. But that is who I called and they recommended I call the Edgewater PD for help. I could not lift my dog from the floor and carry him down 3 flights of stairs where I live to place him in my car. You were so compassionate and understanding in all that you said and did for me that morning. I didn’t know what I would have done without your assistance. With all the poor press and negative image that has been portrayed about our fine police officers in recent history, I just wanted to thank you and all your colleagues for everything you do. God Bless you all!! A Neighbor, L.J.

Contact Person: Chief John Mackey

Contact number: 720-763-3000

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