Edgewater Police Report: 3/27/16-4/3/16

Edgewater Police Report from Chief John Mackey:

On 4/3/2016 at about 1 AM Edgewater Corporal Geerdes stopped a motorcycle for speeding and reckless driving in the 1900 block of Pierce St. The driver was subsequently arrested for DUI at which point the passenger and girlfriend of the driver started assaulting Officer Johnson who had arrived to assist. The 30 year old male driver was arrested for DUI, and the 27 year old female passenger from Denver was lodged in jail on assault charges. Excellent work Corporal Geerdes and Officer Johnson!

On 4/2/2016 at about 8 AM Edgewater Officer Palmer initiated a traffic stop for fictitious plates in the 2500 block of Pierce Street. The driver was found to be a Habitual Traffic Offender that had his license revoked 15 years earlier and had 33 active restraints since that time. The 48 year old Thornton man was lodged in the Jefferson County Jail for the multiple traffic offenses. Great observation Officer Palmer!

On 3/25/2016 at about 3:30 AM Edgewater Corporal Geerdes initiated a traffic stop in the 2200 block of Sheridan Blvd. The vehicle fled the stop, although Corporal Geerdes drove to the 3400 block of Benton St. where the vehicle was registered. Upon contacting parents, Officers learned that four teenagers (14, 15 and 16 years of age) including the parent’s daughter had just come running into the house. Subsequent investigation revealed that none of the four juveniles had a driver’s license and the daughter had been driving the fleeing vehicle. Further investigation revealed that two of the juveniles had been involved in a pursuit with the Denver Police Department a few weeks ago that had crashed into a building at 25th and Sheridan. The juveniles were all referred to the Jefferson County Assessment Center for an appropriate disposition. Great follow-up Corporal Geerdes!

Stolen Vehicles

4/3/2016 – 2500 Block of Gray St. 2014 Beige Subaru – Vehicle recovered 2600 Block of Ingalls St – Suspects purchased Taco Bell locally shortly after theft – appears to be local juveniles – case continues.

3/27/2016 – 2000 Block of Benton St. 2005 Beige Ford Van – Suspect may be a family member – case continues.

Auto Break-Ins

4/3/2016 – 2200 Depew St. Unlocked vehicle ransacked – single key stolen.


Edgewater Officers arrested 5 persons for DUI over this reporting period:
24 year old female Denver resident.
25 year old female Denver resident.
26 year old male Edgewater resident.
26 year old female Edgewater resident.
31 year old male Denver resident.


Edgewater Officers received three reports of shoplifting at local stores this past week.

14 year old male Lakewood resident.
23 year old male Arvada resident.
Unknown male fled.

Traffic Issues

Edgewater Officers performed about 59 traffic stops for traffic enforcement during the course of this reporting period. Drivers were contacted for speeding, careless driving, red light violations, turn violations, failing to signal, reckless driving, following too closely, parking violations, abandoned vehicles, weaving, expired plates, following too closely, registration violations, suspensions, denials and revocations, and multiple traffic accidents. The radar trailer is deployed regularly throughout the city and has been requested to be placed in the 5700 block of W. 25th Ave this coming week. If you are interested in having the radar trailer put in your neighborhood, please call the Police Volunteer Line – 720-763-3015, or Volunteers@Edgewaterpd.com

Calls for Service

Edgewater Officers additionally responded to calls involving medical assists, trespassing, child abuse, alarms, civil assists, noise complaints, graffiti, criminal mischief, harassment, suspicious persons, disturbances, welfare checks, animals at large, barking dogs, welfare checks, juvenile problems, thefts, unwanted persons, intoxicated persons, found property, domestic violence, assault, criminal mischiefs, and multiple warrant arrests. Edgewater Officers self-initiated and responded to about 167 various calls this past week – thank you neighbors for notifying our dispatch center at 303-271-0211 for the many calls and for our Edgewater Officers for their fine work during a very busy week!

Thank You Notes from Neighbors – Kudo’s

Our DUI Team comprised of the below individuals has won the prestigious DUI Team Competition with MADD for 2015! This is a great accomplishment and reflects well on all of us at the City of Edgewater and the Edgewater Police Department while working to safeguard our streets from the dangers of drinking and driving.
Corporal Nesbitt, Corporal Forsythe, Corporal Geerdes, Officer Challis, Officer Palmer and Officer Johnson were the winning DUI Team.

Note of thanks to the Edgewater Police Officer Palmer for “road rage” traffic stop.

Chief Mackey,

I was involved in a “road rage” incident earlier today while driving to work and was stopped by Officer Palmer. Although I was still extremely upset at the time of being stopped, Officer Palmer’s calm demeanor and concerning attitude diffused my rage quickly. I just want to say that Officer Palmer handled the situation exceptionally!

Neighbor’s notes are placed in the lobby of the police station and placed in the respective officer’s personnel files – thanks for sharing!

Contact Person:

Chief John Mackey

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