Edgewater Market and Music Moving East

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For the last few years, the City of Edgewater has organized a farmer’s market featuring local products and produce along with music. The market began in the parking lot at 25th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard and moved west between Benton and Chase on 25th Avenue where more space was available. With the success of businesses like US Thai, Joyride Brewing and Providence Tavern the block between Sheridan and Ames bustles with activity on summer evenings. To build community momentum around the Edgewater Market and Music, the Thursday night event will be moving to this block on 25th Avenue between Ames and Sheridan. 25th Avenue will be closed down and community members can enjoy fresh food, crafts and music as well as visiting the local businesses along 25th Avenue.

The Edgewater Market and Music will start Thursday, June 30 and run through September 8 from 5-8 pm.

Click here to read more about the Edgewater Market and Music as well as other Edgewater Parks and Recreation opportunities this summer. 


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