Connecting With Neighbors This Summer

April Neighborhood Happy Hour in Rose Acres

April Neighborhood Happy Hour in Rose Acres

Summer is upon us and the opportunities to connect with our neighbors in Edgewater increase. One of the best neighborhood traditions in cities across America, including Edgewater, is the block party. It’s a chance for neighbors to get together, enjoy some delicious food and have fun in the street. Some of the block parties in Edgewater are even named for their street like “Eatin’ on Eaton.” The City of Edgewater has made it easy to organize a block party by providing online how-to resources.

Click here for online block party resources from the City of Edgewater.

Neighbors in Rose Acres (subdivision in northwest Edgewater) have found an even easier way to connect with neighbors without the permits of a block party. For the last few months, neighbors in Rose Acres have held a Neighborhood Happy Hour on a Friday night from 5:30-7:30. Residents bring a side dish, drink or dessert to share. Instead of being held in the street, the Happy Hour is held in the front yard of a resident.

However you decide to organize fun activities on your block, use this summer to get to know your neighbors and hear their stories. In a divisive political season, the best way to combat this is to build relationships with our neighbors who are different than us, and in the process, realize what we have in common.

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