Housing Tough to Find and Keep in Edgewater? We Want to Hear From You


From 2011 to 2016, the median multi-family rental rate in 80214 rose almost $500 from $832 to $1331. During that same period, the median home value rose from $193,200 to $332,100.

Though these rising prices are great if you are a landlord or seller, it is not great news for those trying to find or keep housing in the Edgewater area. This is not an issue unique to Edgewater but is impacting the whole metro area.

On the City of Edgewater signs around town it promotes this community as the “City of Choice.” Increasingly choosing to live in Edgewater is only available to those with higher incomes. Those who work in our restaurants, our schools, our city services like the Police Department, cannot afford to live in Edgewater.

We want to share your stories of the struggle to find and keep housing in our area. Send us an email at joel@edgewatercollective.org describing your struggle to find or keep your housing in Edgewater and what impact rising rents and house prices has had on you and your family.

It is important that even in the midst of an improving economy in Edgewater, we tell the stories of those who are struggling. The dream is a thriving Edgewater for everyone.

Click here to read the stories of neighbors struggling to stay in Edgewater. 


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