Support Tobacco Retail Licensing in Edgewater

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Urge the Mayor and City Councilors to Support the Draft Ordinance to Prevent Youth Tobacco Use

Background: The Edgewater City Council will soon consider an ordinance that will require all tobacco retailers to obtain a license to sell tobacco products including e-cigarettes. Licensing is an effective policy tool that local governments can use to regulate businesses that sell tobacco (similar to alcohol and marijuana retailer licensing). A tobacco retail license protects public health and safety by ensuring that retailers comply with responsible retailing practices that reduce youth access to tobacco products.

Why is a Tobacco Retail License Important?

  •   Almost 90% of all regular smokers begin smoking at or before age 18. 1
  •   The 2015 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey indicated that among high school students in Colorado:26% use e-cigarettes, 8.9% smoke cigars, 8.6% smoke cigarettes, and 4.9% use chew. 2
  •   Two out of three Colorado youth, under the age of 18, who attempted to buy cigarettes weresuccessful. 2
  •   Requiring a license to sell tobacco is essential to youth tobacco prevention:

o Licensing is a proven approach to increasing and enforcing restrictions on illegal sales and other known youth-targeted promotional, product placement and pricing tactics. 3

o Licensing is a common-sense approach to ensure that retailers operate legally, ethically and responsibly when it comes to preventing illegal tobacco sales to kids. 4

The proposed ordinance is the result of the City listening to the community concerns about youth tobacco and e-cigarette use. Additionally, the ordinance gives the City the tools it needs to identify tobacco retailers and prevent illegal sales of tobacco to minors.

Simple Action You Can Take to Support Tobacco Retail Licensing in Edgewater:

Send a short e-mail to the Mayor and City Council*:

  •   Urge them to support the draft ordinance that requires tobacco retailers obtain a license; and
  •   Thank them for their leadership on this issue and for protecting the health and safety of our kids andour community.
    * If sending an email, please use the following e-mail addresses for the Mayor and City Councilors:




Kris Teegardin


Council Member



Steve Conklin


Myra Keeble


Laura Keegan


Kate Mulcahy


Todd Riddle


Janet Spangenberg


Kara Swanson


For more information contact Tracy Doyle at or 303-275-7558.

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  2. The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, 2015.
  3. McLaughlin I. License to Kill?: Tobacco Retailer Licensing as an Effective Enforcement Tool. Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, 2010.
  4. STORE: Strategic Tobacco Retail Effort. Talking Points: Retailer Licensing.

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