Edgewater Police Report: 12/12-12/19/2016

12/12– 12/19/2016

Contact Person: Chief John Mackey

Contact: 720-763-3000 – Jmackey@edgewaterpd.com

Sergeants Fowle and Hamilton team up with Air One for arrest 

On 12/15 at about midnight Sergeants Fowle and Hamilton were alerted by Denver PD’s Air One helicopter unit of a black Jeep and potential stolen vehicle that had eluded Denver Officers. Edgewater Sergeant’s covertly approached the vehicle to gain additional vehicle and suspect information but the jeep sped away. The Jeep was followed by Air One and Denver and Edgewater Officers were subsequently able to take the 19 year old male Denver resident into custody for multiple traffic offenses. Great job Sergeant’s Fowle and Hamilton!

Dead Fish Left on neighbor’s vehicle 

So, about once a month the police department receives an unusual complaint. Today, 12/19 it’s about twenty degrees outside with several inches of snow on the ground and a resident called telling us that an unknown person(s) left a dead fish on her car. We asked when it happened and the neighbor said just a minute ago while she was mowing the lawn.

Like many others, we passed this one along to Chief Arcieri of the Edgewater, Florida Police Department. Although we have not researched their call history, we do know that we receive regular complaints of people riding their ATV’s on the beach front!

Name that Beat! 

Our Police Department is in the process of organizing a new Community Policing Program for Edgewater, and would like your assistance. We will be dividing the city into eleven separate Beats or Service Areas that will each be assigned an Edgewater Police Officer for communication purposes on Nextdoor. (We currently have Rose Acres and Lake Shore neighborhoods.

We would like your assistance in naming the separate Beats or neighborhoods, and would like to start with polling our Nextdoor residents on an Edgewater theme. One such theme or category could be the names of trees as we’re a community with tree lines streets. The organization of Beats on an alphabetical system utilizing tree names would be A, B, C – Ash, Burch, Cherry, etc. The poll has reached the FINAL STAGE and will be out shortly. The final poll will have the top two vote getting choices of Colorado Wildlife and Colorado Trees from which you can vote.

When the poll comes out on an upcoming Nextdoor notice, please take a minute to vote on the theme you would most like to see utilized for our neighborhoods. This is our third poll which includes the top two vote getters from previous polls. Thank you!

Name that Beat!
• Colorado Wildlife – Antelope, Bison, Coyote, Deer, Elk, Fox, Grizzly, Hawk, Lynz, Moose, Porcupine, Wolf

• Colorado Trees – Aspen, Birch, Cherry, Cottonwood, Elm, Juniper, Maple, Oak, Pine, Poplar, Sycamore, Willow

Nextdoor and Neighborhood Watch

Our Edgewater Police Department Volunteers are researching methods to increase our Neighborhood Watch participation and participation in Nextdoor Edgewater. Both of these programs allow us to communicate more efficiently with residents for civic events and crime prevention purposes. Please consider inviting your neighbors to participate in Nextdoor Edgewater and contacting our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lorenzo – volunteers@edgewaterpd.com to get more information on making your neighborhood safer.

Stolen Vehicles

No stolen vehicles were received this reporting period. We are researching the option of notifying our TWITTER followers of recently stolen vehicles to assist us in recoveries – more to follow.

Vehicle Break-Ins

No vehicle break-ins were received during this reporting period.


There were 7 DUI arrests this reporting period within Edgewater. Arrested for DUI:

20 year old male from Lakewood.
23 year-old male from Denver.
23 year-old male from Lakewood.
24 year old male from Aurora.
31 year old male from Lakewood.
38 year old male from Denver.
39 year old male from Pueblo.

Year to date, Edgewater Officers have arrested about 194 persons for DUI.


Edgewater Officers received 3 reports of shoplifting at local stores this reporting period.
22 year old male from Denver.
22 year old male from Broomfield
50 year old male from Lakewood.

Traffic Issues

Edgewater Officers performed about 68 traffic stops for traffic enforcement during this reporting period. Drivers were contacted for hit & run, speeding, careless driving, red light violations, turn violations, failing to signal, reckless driving, following too closely, parking violations, abandoned vehicles, weaving, expired plates, registration violations, suspensions, denials and revocations, and multiple traffic accidents and cited two persons for parking violations.

The radar trailer was in the shop this week due to snow and maintenance.

If you are interested in having the radar trailer put in your neighborhood, please contact the Police Volunteer Line – Volunteers@Edgewaterpd.com

Calls for Service

Edgewater Officers additionally responded to calls involving violation of protection orders, medical assists, trespassing, alarms, civil assists, noise complaints, criminal mischief, harassment, suspicious persons, disturbances, welfare checks, animals at large, neighbor disputes, barking dogs, welfare checks, juvenile problems, thefts, and unwanted persons, intoxicated persons, found property, domestic violence, assault, criminal mischiefs, and multiple warrant arrests. Edgewater Officers self-initiated and responded to about 215 various calls this reporting period including 6 Alarm Calls, 1 Welfare Checks and 10 Emergency 911 Calls – thank you neighbors for notifying our dispatch center at 303-271-0211 for the many calls and for our Edgewater Officers for their fine work during two very busy weeks!

Volunteer Driver Needed

The Police Department is looking for a volunteer person to shuttle vehicles between the department and the Jefferson County Maintenance Shop, for routine maintenance issues about one day per month. Volunteers must have clear records and a good driving history. If interested please contact Chief Mackey by Nextdoor email or at 720-763-3000.

Thank You Notes from Neighbors – Kudo’s

Thank you to the many neighbors who volunteered their time this past week as champions of children in need! Yes, there’s lots of folks noticing the great work of Darlene Walters and her Optimist Club members with their annual Giving Tree, the great Christmas lighting, dancing, and gingerbread house making by too many volunteers to mention and of course Patti Johnson, Anne Bower and Rosa Quinn for their excellent work with the Santa Gift Shop! I apologize for not getting everyone’s name, but please know your efforts are very much appreciated by your Edgewater neighbors!

Several kudo’s received on behalf of School Resource Officer McCallin’s efforts for coordinating this year’s edition of KYGO’s Christmas Crusade for Children.

Thank you to the many residents that dropped off holiday treats for our police officers and staff.

Thank you to our outstanding police volunteers, Frank Kyper, Lorenzo Rendon, Dave Suter, and Joel Newton for the countless hours they are contributing to making our community and city a safer place to live, work and play! Chief Mackey

Neighbor’s notes and “Kudo’s” are placed in the lobby of the police station and placed in the respective officer’s personnel files – thanks for sharing!

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