Edgewater Civic Center Will Have New Neighbors

When the Edgewater Civic Center is completed in the next few years at the north end of Walker Branch Park, it will have some new neighbors. Around Walker Branch Park, homes are being scraped and new townhomes are being built in their place.

Here is a look at three of the projects in various planning and development stages:

Eaton Heights Townhomes

Eaton Heights Townhomes are just south of 20th at 1921 Eaton Street, 1915 Eaton Street and 1925 Eaton Street in Lakewood. The owner is Molly Properties and the builder is Sprocket Design Build.

City View Townhomes

City View Townhomes are at 1718 Fenton Street in Lakewood. Many of the units are already under contract but you can learn more here. The irony of the marketing for City View Townhomes is that though they are clearly in the city limits of Lakewood, they market them as being located in the heart of Edgewater.

Harlan Street Townhomes

Harlan Street Townhomes will be located just west of Walker Branch Park at 1615 Harlan Street, 1619 Harlan Street, 1625 Harlan Street and 1635 Harlan Street in Lakewood. The owner is currently working with Lakewood Planning and Zoning to make this project a reality.

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