Edgewater Civic Center Update: March 17, 2017

From Edgewater Deputy City Manager Dan Maples:

Good morning & Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

We just wanted to start by thanking everyone for attending the first Edgewater Civic Center Open House this past Wednesday. We feel we received a lot of great input and look forward to working it into the design as best as we can. If you were unable to join us on Wednesday, please join us tomorrow for the second Open House (Saturday March 18th 1pm – 3pm at 2401 Sheridan Blvd.)! Saturday’s Open House will be a continuation of this past Wednesday’s Open House. We will have all of the comments and ideas from Wednesday still on the boards and welcome any additional comments or ideas.

Future Public Open Houses 
The second set of Open Houses will be on Wednesday March 29th and April 1st. This set of Open Houses will be for hearing additional public comments and also presenting some of the design comments heard at the initial public houses. For times and locations please visit our website at www.edgewaterco.com and follow the link to the Edgewater Civic Center Update. We hope everyone will come to the open houses and provide needed public input.

Xcel Energy Design Assistance Program 
The Edgewater Civic Center has been pre-approved to receive Energy Design Assistance from Xcel Energy. This program allows the City to hire an energy consulting engineer to work with the designers and contractors to provide efficient energy systems for the new building. The engineer consultant is then paid for by savings in energy costs. This program will not only assist the City with selection of energy efficient systems, but will also provide specialized engineers to make sure installation is completed as designed.

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