Edgewater Civic Center Update: March 24, 2017

From Edgewater Deputy City Manager Dan Maples:

Good afternoon,
It has been a solid week of working through all the comments we received at the initial open houses. We had a number of great comments that we have been able to be work into the early design of the facility. We have posted a listing of the comments that were favored through the process on our web site.

Future Public Open Houses
Please don’t miss out on the second round of Open Houses! The second set of Open Houses will be on Wednesday, March 29th and April 1st. This set of Open Houses will be for hearing additional public comments and also presenting some of the design comments heard at the initial public houses. For times and locations please visit our website at www.edgewaterco.com and follow the link to the Edgewater Civic Center Update. We hope everyone will come to the open houses and provide needed public input.

Utility Work
We spend some time this week investigating utility options for water, sewer, electric and gas. We have begun the process of looking at where these utilities will be accessible for the new facility.

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