Edgewater Civic Center Update: March 3, 2017

From Edgewater Deputy City Manager Dan Maples:

Good morning.
Just a few updates on the Edgewater Civic Center for this week.

Fitness & Library Component Discussions
This week our design team met with Recreation staff, library staff and leadership to discuss both the fitness center and library components of the Edgewater Civic Center. Staff and design team worked through a number of concerns with flow and size constrictions within the fitness component. Initial discussions with library staff keyed in on possible locations for library amenities. Although Jefferson County Public Library will be providing the tenant finish and final design of the library component, it is important early on for our design team to understand the locations of some of the amenities to best plan for building component interaction.

Public Open Houses
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Open houses! There are two sets of Public Open Houses scheduled. The first set will be on Wednesday March 15th and Saturday March 22nd. The second set will be on Wednesday March 29th and April 1st. The initial two Open Houses will be listening sessions for the design team to listen and discuss different public comments on the facility and all of the components of the facility. The second two open houses will be both listening to additional public comments and also presenting some of the design comments heard at the initial public houses. For times and locations please visit our website at www.edgewaterco.com and follow the link to the Edgewater Civic Center Update. We hope everyone will come to the open houses and provide needed public input.

Request for Qualifications / Proposals
The City of Edgewater has a Request for Qualifications / Proposal for a Design Build Firm advertised. The successful firm will take the 20% schematic, completed by the design team in part through public input, and provide a 100% design and attach a maximum guaranteed price for construction. (This is a very simplified way of describing the process. If interested in finding out more about the process please visit our web site at www.edgewaterco.com.) The design team and City leadership anticipate a very competitive process for selection of the Design Build Team based on early interest expressed by local firms. Deadline for proposals is March 20th.


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