Sustainable Edgewater Seminar IV: Climate Change

From Edgewater Resident Dr. K. Xerxes Steirer:

Sustainable Edgewater Seminar IV: Climate Change
Tuesday, April 18
7 pm at the Edgewater Library (5843 W. 25th Avenue)

What is going on in the environment? Is the world getting hotter, or is it one big global hoax? What does the data show? Do I need a PhD to read these graphs? Where do we look for the truth? What, if anything, can any of us do to help?

If you’re interested, concerned or simply curious about the state of the environment and climate change today, then this month’s Sustainable Edgewater Seminar is one not to miss. We’ll talk through the key pieces of scientific data to understand not only the temperature, but also the recent chemical and climatic observations in our ever changing world. We’ll attempt to balance the facts by presenting both sides of the climate change issue, to decide for ourselves what may be the cause. For example: Is it caused by humans or something else? Regardless, our discussion will include things we can do right now to improve our environment and to slow climate change.


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