Edgewater Civic Center Update: May 26, 2017

From Deputy City Manager Dan Maples:

Xcel Energy Design Assistance Program

This week staff and design team met with Xcel and the contracted Energy Engineer to look at the 20% schematic and initiate the research needed for energy modeling of the building. The energy engineer will assist the City of Edgewater with providing the most efficient systems that would maximize energy credits, while not lowing the set budget. This engineer work is then paid for by the credits received from Xcel energy following the construction. City staff learned a lot this week about a number of new technology that will bring more efficiency to the building and look forward to seeing the modeling and recommendations from the engineering group.


The Design Build team has presented a few concepts to city staff and owner’s representative to bring down the cost of construction of the building. There are a few different value engineering tricks that should be able to save some of the construction cost and bring the cost of construction in line with the current budget, without compromising the program and spatial needs of the facility.

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