Bike Racks Coming to 25th and Sheridan

Hedges along 25th Avenue near Sheridan Boulevard will be replaced with bike racks and a bike fix-it station

From the City of Edgewater:

The City of Edgewater is working to make improvements to the parking lot located at 25th Avenue and Sheridan Blvd. More specifically, the City will be removing the hedges on the north side along 25th Avenue and placing some bike racks in the space. We anticipate construction to start on Monday, June 5th and be completed by the end of June.

During construction we will intermittently be closing parking places on the north side of the lot, needed for equipment. These closure will be minimal and will be re-opened when the space is not needed. The parking lot will remain open and we will not disturb anything on the south side of these parking spaces.

We thank you for your patience and will work hard to minimize any impacts to the area. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the project 720-989-5263 or email Thanks for your support!


Bill Stines

Public Works Supervisor

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  1. With the narrow sidewalk and foodtrucks, this seems like a great project to free up some important sidewalk space and give more bike parking. Thanks!!

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