Edgewater Civic Center Update: 7/10/2017

From Deputy City Manager Dan Maples:

It has been a little while since I have had any information to update on, not because the project is slowing down but because a lot of the work going on now is within the contracted design team.

City Council Presentation

The Design team and Owner’s Representative will be presenting the latest designs for the Civic Center at the July 20th meeting. We expect to see a lot more on the architectural design coupled with the spatial design of the building. Following the last presentation, the site plan and building envelope seem to be locked down.

Commissioning Agent

City staff and Owner’s Representative interviewed commissioning agents late last week. The commissioning agent will work as the City’s agent to make sure mechanical, electrical and plumbing goals are reached by the architect and the contractor. They initiate their services in the design phase and work through the first year of operation. Following construction the commissioning agent tests all mechanical, electrical and plumbing to make sure installation was completed correctly and that the equipment works as planned. We hope to have this agent on board in July.

Facility Programming Meeting

Through our open houses in March and April we had a number of questions about the facility programming, fitness equipment and drop-in opportunities the new facility would provide. We anticipate holding two public meetings in August to open this topic back up with the community. We are currently trying to plan this meeting, and should have a date selected by the end of this week..


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