Edgewater Police Report: 6/18-7/1/2017

From Edgewater Police Chief John Mackey:


6/18 – 7/1/2017

Corporal Mike Nesbitt continues to recover

Corporal Nesbitt continues to recover from the assault that took place while he was attempting to arrest a DUI driver. Corporal Nesbitt received MADD’s (Mother against Drunk Driving) award as the supervisor of the top DUI Team in the state this year.

It looks promising that Mike will be heading home from the hospital tomorrow, but looks to be in for a lengthy recovery process. Please continue to keep Mike in your thoughts and prayers!

Sergeant Cathie Lovato continues to recover

As reported to City Council and residents, 25 Year Edgewater Sergeant Cathie Lovato has been out on extended leave due to cancer. Sgt. Lovato has successfully been cleared of cancer after two surgeries in May and is recovering at home. Please continue to keep Cathie in your thoughts and prayers!

Court Convictions:

Phillip Kolberg sentenced to 96 years in prison for armed robbery

Career criminal Phillip Lyle Kolberg, DOB: 6-30-74, was sentenced to 96 years in prison for his 5th felony conviction on June 28, 2017. Kolberg and codefendant James Lovell Coleman, DOB: 5-12-80, were both convicted of committing an armed robbery at King Soopers, 1725 Sheridan Blvd. in June, 2015. This was Kolberg’s sixth felony conviction and Coleman’s fourth.

Coleman was masked and armed when he entered the King Soopers around 10:30 p.m. and approached the night manager and security guard as they were moving money from cash register drawers. He forced them into the safe room. The security guard was forced to the ground and the manager was ordered to help load the money into a duffle bag. The men were pushed, shoved, and hit but fortunately neither sustained serious physical injuries.

A store employee called 911 and Edgewater police arrived in moments. When Coleman got outside he saw that his getaway driver had left him behind, so he ran to the back of the store and stashed part of the money and the gun in an area behind the store’s loading dock. Coleman then took off on foot, pulling off and dropping clothing as he went. A woman in the neighborhood found the clothing the next day and called police.

Coleman got away with over $30,000 but investigators recovered $21,000 in the hidden duffle, as well as the gun used in the robbery.

Edgewater police, the Jeffco Sheriff, and DA investigators worked this case. In November, 2015 investigators got a hit in the statewide DNA database, CODIS, on DNA samples collected from clothing Coleman was wearing during the robbery. Coleman and Kolberg were also involved in an attempted murder just a month after the King Soopers armed robbery. When they were arrested in that case their DNA was collected and it resulted in a match. They were both pled guilty to attempted murder and were each sentenced to 48 years in prison in that case.

Investigators determined that Kolberg was the mastermind behind this and many more crimes, including attempted murders and armed robberies, in the metro Denver area. Kolberg and Coleman both pled guilty to shooting a man in a robbery which occurred one month after the King Soopers robbery. That man was paralyzed.

“These are extremely dangerous men, with little regard for human life,” said District Attorney Pete Weir, “They have earned these lengthy prison sentences which will help restore safety in our communities.”

Kolberg was arrested on December 1, 2015 and Coleman was arrested on November 30, 2015.

Incidents this reporting period:

Store manager jumps in pick-up in an attempt to catch shoplifters

On 7/4 two unknown Hispanic females ran out the King Soopers entrance with a basket of miscellaneous merchandise and a King Soopers manager pursued them.  The two females entered into a truck that was stolen out of Adams County on 06/30.  The King Soopers manager tried to open the truck door to recover the merchandise and her hand got stuck in the door handle.  The truck began to move so the King Soopers manager jumped into the truck to avoid any injuries.  The truck drove off the property with the manager riding in the truck.  The two  females let the manager out of the truck before they drove off southbound into Lakewood.  The King Soopers manager fortunately was not harmed.

Naked man on drugs stabs himself and fights with officers

On 07-01-2017 at approximately 10:30 PM Edgewater and Wheat Ridge Officers were dispatched to the area of 26th and Chase St. on a report of a naked man with a knife.  Upon arrival officers contacted a resident who was bleeding and obviously under the influence of narcotics.  The resident attacked and assaulted Sgt. Fowle with a blow to the head before being Tased by Edgewater Officers.  It took about six officers to get him in custody and then he had to be sedated by Medical in order to get him in the ambulance.

Investigation revealed that the resident and his girlfriend were celebrating their new apartment by taking hits of acid.   The resident took too much acid and splattered paint around the apartment then ran outside naked.  The resident had a felony warrant with a nationwide extradition but is being housed at Lutheran Medical Center for treatment of his drug overdose. The resident was treated at Lutheran Hospital and lodged in the Jefferson County Jail on associated charges including assaulting a police officer. Thank you for the many calls to dispatch by our neighbors and for the excellent police work by Edgewater and Wheat Ridge Officers!

Liquor Store Robbery

6-30-17 at about 10:30PM Pour Boy Liquor at 20th and Marshall was robbed. Suspects were two black males with hoodies armed with handguns. Suspects fled on foot and were not located. Investigation continues. .

Want to make your neighborhood safer? 

The Edgewater Police Department’s Nextdoor Beat Cop Program was selected as one of the top 7 programs in the United States by the Nextdoor selection team for 2017. If you’re concerned about crime in your neighborhood there is no better free program available to us than Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch coordination is nothing more than getting to know your neighbors and passing along information that the police department provides to you about the calls for service in your specific neighborhood.

Please consider inviting your neighbors to participate in Nextdoor Edgewater and contacting our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lorenzo – volunteers@edgewaterpd.com  to get more information on Neighborhood Watch and making your neighborhood safer. Working together we can make a difference in deterring crime – thank you!

Contact Persons: Chief John Mackey 720-763-3000


Calls for Service

911 Emergency Calls 17 Year to date 173

Welfare Checks 4 Year to date 88

Alarm Calls 13 Year to date 95

Calls this period 320 Year to date 5,140

Thank you neighbors for notifying our dispatch center at 303-271-0211 for the many calls and for our Edgewater Officers for their fine work!

Traffic Statistics

Number of Traffic stops this week 73

Number of Traffic stops year to date 1,727


Not available as of time of this report

Arrest Statistics

Arrests for June 39 Arrests year to date 221

Stolen Vehicles

Stolen: One 1996 Honda Accord from the 6000 Blk. W. 28th Avenue on 7/4. Found in Lakewood on 7/5 with no suspect information

Recovered Steals: Two recoveries; 6/26 a 2005 Honda motorcycle found in the 2400 Blk. Marshall St. stolen out of Denver, 6/26 2001 Toyota Camry stolen out of Denver 10 days prior with a stolen license plate out of Thornton found at 1985 Sheridan Blvd. with two people arrested.  Female from Denver arrested for motor vehicle theft and a male passenger arrested for a felony escape warrant out of Dept. of Corrections and for providing false information to police (gave fictitious name).

Year total steals: 23

Year total recoveries: 8

Radar Trailer

Police Volunteer Frank Kyper is on vacation and the traffic trailer was not deployed this reporting period. If you have an interest in assisting with the traffic trailer please contact Frank at the below contact address. If you are interested in having the radar trailer put in your neighborhood, please contact the Police Volunteer Line – Volunteers@Edgewaterpd.com 

Nextdoor and Neighborhood Watch are Growing!

Our tremendous volunteer, Lorenzo Rendon has done an exceptional job in his first year as Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. Lorenzo has spoken to many of you and is arranging block meetings for this spring. As we begin to identify and sign our Neighborhood Watch Blocks, we will also begin the process of comparing crime statistics in Watch Blocks compared to all other blocks. The NW program has historically been extremely successful in deterring crime, and I’m certain it will do the same for Edgewater. Our Edgewater Police Department Volunteers are researching methods to increase our Neighborhood Watch participation and participation in Nextdoor Edgewater. Both of these programs allow us to communicate more efficiently with residents for civic events and crime prevention purposes. Please consider inviting your neighbors to participate in Nextdoor Edgewater and contacting our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lorenzo – volunteers@edgewaterpd.com  to get more information on making your neighborhood safer.

Thank You Notes from Neighbors – Kudo’s

Thank you to the many friends and residents from throughout the metro Denver area that passed along their thoughts and prayers for the recovery of Corporal Mike Nesbitt and for the strength of his wife and two ten year old daughters, as well as the support you have provided to 25 year Edgewater Police Sergeant Cathie Lovato who is recovering from cancer surgery.

A huge thank you to our Police Volunteer and Police Chaplain, Joel Newton who responded to Lutheran Hospital around 4AM during Corporal Nesbit’s treatment. Joel provided support to Mike’s family and the many police staff that were dealing with this difficult situation. A very heartfelt thank you to Joel for your support to Mike and our staff both on the day of the incident and since that date!

Thank you to our outstanding police volunteers, Frank Kyper, Lorenzo Rendon, Dave Suter, and Joel Newton for the countless hours they are contributing to making our community and city a safer place to live, work and play! Chief Mackey

Neighbor’s notes and “Kudo’s” are placed in the lobby of the police station and placed in the respective officer’s personnel files – thanks for sharing!

Upcoming Community Events:

July 6 No Council Meeting

July 19 Planning & Zoning Meeting

July 20 City Council Meeting

July 29 Blues N BBQ – Citizen Park

August 3 City Council Meeting

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